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Konrad Banaszkiewicz

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Konrad Banaszkiewicz

Konrad Banaszkiewicz (09.09.1975 r.)

Studying Art Teacher at University of Zielona Góra.

For five years I worked as a graphic designer at Finestra Publishing.

Professionally I do advertising design. That includes folders, larger publications, calendars, company papers, logotypes, illustrations and much more other things associated with printing.

I also create computer graphics. In my creations I utilize my own digital photos, drawings or paintings. My art is done in Photoshop with the help of such programs as Painter, 3Dmax, or Corel. All my works are made in high resolution and can be printed in large formats.

For past several years traveling has been my passion. I’ve been to Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz, Ukraine, Romania and Lithuania.

© Konrad Banaszkiewicz

© 2005 Konrad Banaszkiewicz

Translation: Marcin Cajzer


© Konrad Banaszkiewicz


Konrad’s world

By Beata Kostu¶

In a moment, from under the stained bandages a face will appear, hidden from us as we are hidden to her… Meanwhile we see naked, just naked, bloody torso with bruised a battered flesh badly stitched together. Who is this stranger?

Heroes in the darkness – anonymous beings, which very existence we observe in Konrad Banaszkiewicz’s paintings remain a mystery to us.

Wooden horses on gold plated wheels waiting in dark and forsaken room to be able to gallop… Stillers, masked beings appearing only at night in the light of the moon (only death, Slavonic Poludnica appears in the middle of a day). At the end there is Celeca, her name was written on the wall of Moldavian monastery - we don’t know anything about her…

Game of chess that we are invited to play with Konrad Banaszkiewicz is played on regular chessboard, on black and white squares but situated in altered reality… Happenings that litter this reality are obvious: pain and death.

Multiple beings die in agony, just as much is summoned to life. Killing and creation on Konrad Banaszkiewicz’s paintings are two acts of God or magic. We don’t know if his world is created from living or dead matter.

Bodies, plants, walls are subjected to brutal metamorphosis. That which is dead turns into living – that what lives turn dead. Decay, pulsating of matter glows trough heroes of artist’s stories.

What are left in the end are changes, artistic description of the elements that transform us – in the name of unity with eternity. Common and unavoidable changes, essence of this multiple and cruel story, are reviled in silence which blankets those beings. It’s an old game, rough rules.

For what reason those paintings were created? Not to lose that certain infinity. Secrets of Konrad Banaszkiewicz’s are hidden in a labyrinth of deserted rooms, in which small signs carved into walls are as records of author’s presence, his own history. This world came to be form uncountable number of pieces, patiently put together, chosen form old family albums, from photographic documentation of trips around Europe and Asia.

Coleridge said that in dreams pictures are as summary of all events that happened.

Konrad’s dreams – from far, from all sides of our world bring us body of memories which – banded together – create a hidden world on your computer screen, on pages of Internet. Darkness that inhabits this virtual world has its own sound. Emptiness comes to life with the sound of wings of moths, in darkness we hear (or maybe our hearing deludes us because of sound coming from computer cooling systems) a distant stranger.

Konrad Banaszkiewicz step by step create his world, slowly revealing this brutal law that governs his space, instead of ethics he proposes badly hidden admiration on world weirdness. He lights up meanings that are hidden in the same time covering that what was visible…

We can immerse in Konrad’s world.

Beata Kostu¶

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Konrad Banaszkiewicz

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