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Joy Goldkind

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Joy Goldkind

6 Richard Path St James, NY 11780
(631) 584 6361


  • Brooklyn, NY 1943


  • Fashion Institute of Technology 1961-1963
  • International Center for Photography 1992-1996
  • Palm Beach Center for Photography 1994-1996


  • 1998 Heckshire Museum Award of Excellence
  • 1999 Millspond House Award of Excellence
  • 2000 Texas Artist Museum 1st Place
  • 2001 CameraClub of New York 1st Place
  • 2003 ALLI Award of Excellence
  • 2004 Guild Hall Best Photo Award
  • 2004 Texas Photographic Society
  • 2005 STAC Photo show 1st Place


  • St Johns University NY
  • Crestwood Metal Corp NY
  • Nassau Community College NY


  • B&W Magazine July 2002
  • NY Times Reviews 1999-2002
  • View Camera Magazine March 2004
  • Photographers Forum February 2005



Solo Shows

  • 1999 Henry Street Settlement NY
  • 2000 STAC NY
  • 2001 BJ Spoke Expo NY
  • 2002 Soho Photo NY
  • 2003 Radiant Light Gallery ME
  • 2003 Columbia College MO
  • 2004 F8 Fine Art Gallery TX
  • 2004 Spinnato Gallery NY

Group Shows

  • 1998 Parish Museum Juried Competition NY
  • 1999 St Johns University Invitational NY
  • 1999 Islip Museum NY
  • 1999 Nexus Gallery Juried Competition NY
  • 2000 Atlanta Photography Group GA
  • 2000 LBJ Foundation for the Arts NJ
  • 2000 The Print Center PA
  • 2001 Attleboro Museum of Art MA
  • 2001 Silvermine Art Guild Conn
  • 2001 FSU Museum of Fine Arts Fl
  • 2001 Printmaking Council of New Jersy NJ
  • 2001 Eastern New Mexico University
  • 2002 Omini Gallery NY
  • 2002 Fire House Gallery NY
  • 2002 Lancaster Museum of Art PA
  • 2002 Heckshire Museum of Art NY
  • 2002 BJ Spoke Gallery NY
  • 2002 John Stevenson Gallery NY
  • 2003 Holter Museum MT
  • 2003 Texas Photographic Society TX
  • 2003 Parrish Museum NY
  • 2004 Carrie Haddad Gallery NY
  • 2004 1st Street Gallery FL
  • 2004 Alpan Gallery NY
  • 2004 Elaine Benson Gallery NY
  • 2004 APID NY
  • 2004 Photo LA CA
  • 2005 1 Street Gallery Fl
  • 2005 Photography Room MI
  • 2005 Photo LA
  • 2005 F8 Fine Art TX
  • 2005 Photoeye Gallery NM

© Joy Goldkind
© 2005 Joy Goldkind



Bromoil is a printing method that was popular in the early 1900's. It was favored by the pictorials photographers of the day.

To produce a Bromoil print a black and white bromide image is printed so that all of the detail in the highlights and in the shadows can be seen clearly.

It is then bleached in a combination of copper sulfate, potassium bromide, and potassium dichromate solution diluted in distilled water. The result is a matrix, it is then dried. After the drying period the print is soaked in water which causes the gelatin to swell in proportion (the shadows lower and the highlights rise higher). A greasy pigment such as lithographic ink is then brushed or rolled onto the matrix.

It is at this point that the print becomes unique. The creative potentialis as great as your imagination. Each bromoil photograph in an edition of images from the same negative will have different characteristics. I feel that bromoil gives an artist the creative freedom to work with a brush and color. This hand finished method gives each print a different look since the ink is applied slightly different to each print individually.

Today's modern papers have flaws in them since they were not produced for the bromoil process. This also adds to the character and beauty of each print. Each print is handled as an individual and ?nished in its own unique way. Color markings and borders may also vary from print to print.

Why polaroids?

My interest in Photography began later in life then most people I was 50 years old before I took my first class in photography. I loved it from the beginning. First it was the darkroom, then alternate processes. I had to learn more. My background was always based in the fine arts, which I studied in the early 60s. After graduating The Fashion Institute of Technology I began as a fashion designer doing children's clothing. This job lasted 10 years until I retired to stay home with my young family.

My work in photography progressed very rapidly. Most of my work is based on the classical approach to art. Art history is was I look for inspiration. The love of alternate processes lead me to learn the Bromoil process. Which is replacing the silver in a silver gelatin print with lithographic inks.

Much of my work is contemporary in subject matter using modern film. I especially like Polaroid type 55 films since my work involves timed exposures and many double exposures. Polaroid film allows me to see the work instantly. This gives me the ability to know that the image is what I planned on. The contrast levels are very soft so that printing for Bromoil is very easy to control.

My work is shown throughout the US in many galleries. In this respect I have been very fortunate. The body of work I am showing here is about a group of people who I find most interesting. I hope you like them too.

Joy Goldkind

© Joy Goldkind



© Joy Goldkind

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Joy Goldkind

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