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Rumours About Angels II

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Jarosław Kubicki

Jarosław K’haal Kubicki is an artist, photographer, webdesigner. He graduted from Fine Arts Highschool in Gdynia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

He designed numerous covers of music albums of such music groups as Closterkeller, Moonlight, Agonised by love, Artrosis. He is a graphics designer of several websites: Gothic Art portal created six years ago together with Bartosz Hervy, online gallery of the painter Ewa Skierska, official website of the Agonised by Love music group etc.

In 2003, in cooperation with Bartosz Hervy, Kubicki designed Zdzisław Beksiński’s website. In addition to this, the artist participated in the following artistic undertakings: comadivision, designmadeinpoland or eastern frontline. Winner of the prestigious awards in the field of internet creation: American Design Award or Favourite Webside Award.

In 2000 Kubicki brought into existence the first part of the Rumours About Angels project. Detailed portfolio of the artist may be found on the www.kubicki.info website.


Bartosz Hervy

Bartosz H_12 Hervy is a musician, Dj, journalist and producer. In 1999, in cooperation with Jarosław Kubicki, he created the first gothic portal – GothicArt.

Furthermore, the artist initiated and managed such Poland-wide undertakings as Temple of Goths, Virus or Black Celebration.

On the daily basis Hervy creates electroindustrial project NoSignalDetected_. Moreover, the artist is the author of visualizations, which one may see during NoSignalDetected_ and Agonised by Love concerts.

As a DJ Hervy promotes dark, independent scene in Poland, His talent has been acknowledged and valued by London audience. Composer of the music to the numerous websites. Artist’s portfolio is presented online at www.hervy.info.


Oliwia Piotrowska

She graduated the clinical psychology in at the Gdansk University, the School of Psychotherapy and the School of Coaches.

Usually is taking care of the organization and the promotion of mass-events: she worked at a few international scientific conferences taking care of recruiting sponsors, the information campaign, the coordination of the logistics.

Apart from organizational action she carrying training courses for all sorts of occupations groups in a themes like: the communication, the assertiveness and solving conflicts, managing the plan, the automatic presentation, the creativity, dynamics of the group.

Since November 2004 - Rumours About Angels manager.

In a free time she supports Gothic Art actions, helping with the organization of cultural events as Temple of Goths, whether recently Dark East Music Meeting.

  • Interests: the contemporary psychoanalysis, the feminism, the new school of electronic music.
  • Favorite writer - Phillip K. Dick.
  • The favorite director - Werner Herzog.
  • The favorite instrument - automatic percussion.

Natural-born in the mountains, is now living at the sea.




After the several minutes of delay, we began to letting people going in. Nobody among us would probably expect so many persons. The church was filled up.


Photo by

Piotr Kempa, Radosława Kluczkowska, Radosław Matusiak, Iwona Pielecka


© 2005 Rumours About Angels II

Translation: Marcin Wilkowski

Rumours About Angels II

Jarosław Kubicki

The beginnings of this project reach to the breakthrough of 1999 and 2000, when I started the work of the cycle of trick photos being realized during the occupations in studio of painting led by prof. Haras in ASP, Gdansk.

About two years later, together with Bartosz we began to think of creation a common large project. During the almost never-ending discussions we have decided that it would be based at the same title as the previous one. And this is only, pose partly the same technique used in creation of this works, connection to the first part of the cycle. At that time, during many discussions, one's kind script was created, we answered to such questions as "what for?", "for whom?", "how?"

On the end of 2000 we have known most of the answers of these questions and decided to take to working. I have been leading at that time talkings with the tenant of one of well-known Warsaw clubs to organize there our event. Preliminary date was established on March, 2003. But till then many new challenges have appear, which forced us to putting these plans aside indefinitely.

Many of the ideas already prepared for Rumours About Angles II have been used, for example, in the website made for Zdzislaw Beksinski.

We came back to the discussions about the project on the beginning of 2004, when the most important elements, which the project must have contained, were specified:

  • the elements of visual identification
  • paintings
  • music to all of paintings
  • the insertion of video among paintings
  • the display of video-signal on two projectors
  • the website
  • the organization of the premiere

That moment came early autumn, 2004, when I made the fist photos for RAA2 in the friendly photographic studio in Gdansk.

The main aesthetical motto, which was taken by us, was a key word - "contrasts". Beauty and ugliness, perfection and imperfectness, omnipotence and helplessness, erotism and antierotism, silence and noise.

This project had to be unevident, putting in a mistake, and in this way provocative. In logo there is a feather, this is almost model. And behind it there are angles (?) without wings. Process has to lead from shapeless mass until to the moment when "the miracle" is being born, the following stages of birth is finished with annihilation just after achievement of aim. Because everything which is beautiful comes form circumstances being a negation of its essence - in ugliness, pain. And when process reaches already end - it is often then annihilated.

But also this is to be attractive without reaching to this meaning, this had to be also "well to look at and to listen".

Second of our presumptions was to create the fully professional artistic project. Such which does not tire, does not wake embarrassment its unprofessional non finishing up, and not is addressed only to critics' narrow circle. This had to be something, what we also would have been watching with pleasure, as we are consider what art should look like on the beginning of 21st century. The recipient was the most important in this project.

It started from drafts with pencils, which were being made more or less from half of 2003. From the beginning I implied the widest use of the techniques, and the whole had to be put together in one of the popular graphic software. So beside the photos there are also scans of the various objects: fabrics, silk - gauze, pieces of sheet metal and I do not remember which things. What is more: scans of the sheets scratched by the feather with ink, smeared with paint and brush etc. Almost a few hundreds of files with such samples were made. In addition to this, in several cases I have made more already exact drafts after choosing concrete photos. After that painting after painting was created strenuously. A few hundreds of layouts, about 1 GB of graphic files, all in 3000 x 3000 pix.

In such a number of objects I had to be careful in all the layouts were being properly masked, and find if the lightning [irradiation] or saturation suit with the whole scene. It was important not to lose the general conception - not to get lost in such details.

Simultaneously with the paintings other pieces of the project were made - the basic components of identification, press advertisements, leaflets etc.

Since the November, 2004, when Oliwia Piotrowska joined the project and took care of management, our project has changed its character, there was prepared a calendar of its events, finishing of the next scenes and at least a new word in a project - a "deadline".

The new category of the project was all the workings with the promotion - leaflets, posters, banners, the following scenes of website promoting it. A moment it was more work for us with promoting the RAA than with the paintings. Before the end of the last painting i started projecting the website of RAA. In establishing it would be a page with simply graphic - rather an addition to the main project. It had to be spruce and neat, made with the flash technology. Music had to play in it a large part so a large part of our workings has concentrated just on this problem. I was inspired by the graphic interface of the USG operating system. The first version of the website was strongly similar to it. During the stage of the project has been realized in flash, I have added more "painting" background to contrast it with fonts of the texts of website, which were deprived of antilising and "dry". In the realization of code of that website we were supported by Krzysiek Kubicki, as well as in the beksinski.pl project. The only presentation of the paintings had also a link to the USG, because of all this technical elements rounded paintings.

During never-ending discussions with Bartosz, two years before the premiere of RAA2, a conception of the last, finishing, 13th painting was formed. We knew that it must have been like the cut of the sharp knife - sharp and brutal end without any literalities. We started to realize the project not knowing how the last painting might have been looked like. More and more strongly we were finding out that it should not have been a painting in a way as the previous twelve were.

Probably really in March - a month before the premiere - I have reached the scale of this project. All these plots, stages, began suddenly approaching to end, it seemed to us that the amount of work to be done would have made realizing of all our plans impossible.

What is more, I had to learn how to evenly hit the drums.

In the last, unusually tiring days and nights of working passed with the CNN channel opened - in Vatican something very worrying, more and more horrifying was happening. Except the general feelings we felt also a strong fear that our premiere would have not been able to be shown and all this months of hard workings would have been lost. And the premiere had to be shown in the church...

On the 2nd of April we already knew that whatever might have happened the premiere would have taken place. During the test of lights in the church our impressions were overthrowing. One should to admit, that Radek Bekieler, which was responsible for lights, fantastically fulfilled his tasks. We covered the hung clip frame by black, easy to take out sheets of material, in all of the paintings except the last one, 13th - on this painting the material was protected before the uncovering - we asked the security not to let anybody uncover it.

After the several minutes of delay, we began to letting people going in. Nobody among us would probably expect so many persons. The church was filled up.

After 19:30 our performance begins, but I can hardly nothing say about it, because one could not see and hear a lot from the stage. For me, it was certainly a huge experience and there are no words able to show the atmosphere of our performance. I do not deny that repeating this event is one of my dreams. After the concert we are uncovering the paintings and almost immediately leaving the church to put our website on the server side. In spite of problems with the "dead objects" we at least did it.

To the late night we are delivering the equipment, and in the end reaching the club "Punkt", where after party is organized - but only in a few persons because of the pope's death.

Many months of hard work are after us, I am satisfied that I could do it with my friends. My satisfaction seems to be larger when our work is being in a some way awarded, for example by the title of "Site of the Day" on www.favouritewebsiteawards.com.

The 2nd of April was not the end, but even the beginning of workings on this project. The project comes in a next stage now, side is being modernized continually and there are a concrete plans to repeat the performance from Gdansk. It means more work for us to let you hear about RAA again.

Jarosław Kubicki



Bartosz Hervy

music in birth | birth process | thank you ...

Bartosz Hervy


Oliwia Piotrowska

The Manager of The RAA Project

The Rumours About Angels project existed for me in principle since when I have known Bartosz and Jarek - from about two years. We spent hundreds of evenings with ourselves as close friends at that time, and the theme has appeared and appeared each time.... At last I did not withstanded (nobody would withstand), and proposed to find a manager.

Not seeing even a single one image, not hearing even a single one musical motive, I knew that Rumours II would be required a person for guarding organizational matters - times, contacts, the advertisement... Having the absolute confidence in the quality of the future project, I started to willingly sharing the ideas on the subject of the premiere. At that time most important for me was to find contacts able to make as much as possible media sough around this project. The beginning was fantastic, I managed to find the best place for the premiere - the Church of St John from 16th century, the very beautiful empty destroyed church, the mecca of fans of the art, electronics and alternatives. There was a beginning of November 2004, before us were months of the hard work. I divided tasks in stages interpenetrating temporarily: the stage of creating the base of contacts and gathering information, the time of bombing with the information, the stage of planning very evening of the 2nd of the April, as far for the technical details requiring the large scrupulosity and the attention.

I have created the notes on progress of works and planned action every day. And there were more and more questions... and the answers not always could be found at the time. In November 2004 I did not realize that one evening in the church would have required not only appliance (lights, projectors etc) but also for example a security or the firemen opinions.

I was making contacts with all persons being able to become interested in the project- sponsors, patrons. What is more, I was preparing documents to be sent at the same time, I made hundreds of telephone conversations and I did not stand up from the computer at all. Areas of making plans for this very evening, organizing the logistics, the appliance, persons supporting the stage, after party, promotion, were more and more clearly noticeable during the time.

Promotional campaign, which I want to present in a few sentences, was based on the usually marketing elements: like information chaos, or, ordinarily, complained product is missing. For example, by buying a ticket we still not know whether we are getting good product- here it was alike, people were not able to view the premiere and seeing anything...

The attack on web portals was to reach persons tied up at least indirectly with the environment which was supposed to support „on top” the project in moments of breaks between events planned to be "live" - that is to boarding houses, stylists, and persons spending time in the network.

Musical portals were an important point of the marketing plan; because the music is an equal with an image part of Rumours since the beginning. Culture bases became the next purpose - online as well as traditional ones. Finding fantastic media patrons and hundreds of mentions on various thematically websites were an effect of these strategies. A cyclical newsletter hit to interested persons directly.

On 2nd of April, about 19:30, I opened the heavy door of the church and a wave of people poured me.

After all, from some moment of the work, by preparing documents, leading tens of telephone conversations and sending hundreds of mails everyday one must notify that the work on the Rumours looks like what Rumours is. The process of the birth of something unusually beautiful in pain, the abomination of creating, joy, the tiredness and the naturalism, discouraging with the simultaneous belief that something unusually exceptional is born from our hands... to last for only a short moment.

Oliwia Piotrowska

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Jarosław Kubicki, Bartosz Hervy, Oliwia Piotrowska

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