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I like to listen to Spanish ska. I also like to come up with ideas and then realize them.

Case study

Magda Bielesz
Gelly Bears Are Asexual

This is going be about me, in general.

I find it very difficult to write about myself, but I will give it a shot. My name is Magda Bielesz, but friends call me Dredziarka.


I always had curly hair and always tried to straighten it out. Once I even used a regular iron...

I always had a lot of ideas and always was angry. That is why I became an artist and I guess it will stay this way.


Lately a lot has changed in my life and the reason for that I am also angry. All those changes made me spend more time on new things (like films, billboard projects, animations) than on paintings. In 2002 I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting in Warsaw.

Lately I have finished my first movie and already have started a new one - I am hooked. The first one, "Gelly Bears" is about maternity. I decided to depict this problem using gelly bears. I used Haribo gummi bears. When I put them into specific situation, creating certain drama, I give them life - suddenly they become alive, have their own desires, own souls and they become like us humans. This situation can be reversed - and like they become us, we can become like them - gelly bears from the bag. This perfidious situation makes us verify our existence.

Although I started all these new things, I did not give up painting. Currently I am in the process of preparing a cycle of paintings for a September exhibit at the Baltic Gallery of Art in Ustka.

I often substitute people with objects. I like to be surrounded by things, gadgets, especially the kitsch ones - they are like fetishes to me.

Mike Kelly said: "Les artistes sont des gens a qui la societe accorde un certain privilege, celui d'agir selon des mondes qu'on n'attend pas de la part des adultes."


"Artists are people who are allowed a certain social privilege to act out in ways that adults aren't supposed to act out"

And it is freaking great. Thanks to that I feel safer and more sure of myself. I think that the process of creation refers to every aspect of life. For example once a year I work as a waitress. And even if it takes only a couple of days, gives me great pleasure. It is like a ritual for me. So, I guess creating means not only making paintings - it is the life as a whole. Of course things do not always go my way. But this does not bother me, it keeps me from monotony. Life surprises me all the time - I am not bored and it is cool.


I do not have my own studio. I also do not have an easel. I paint in my room and big paintings are kept in my garage. I keep my paints in the plastic box. Usually I work with oil paints. Sometimes also with acrylic. It depends on what ideas I have and what I want to do. Everything that surrounds me, have the enormous influence on my work. I prefer to work during the morning hours (7-8 in the morning) or at night. Daytime is no good for me - there is always something to do and there is no time for painting; or I can not concentrate because I have a day job and I need to make money, so I can realize my ideas - art is not always selling well.

With my day jobs, I always try to gain new experiences. So, sometimes I work as a receptionist, sometimes I work as a model. I only have one rule - I do not work at one place longer than three months. This way I can avoid monotony and boredom. There is nothing worse than boredom, the same faces and routine.

Magda Bielesz

Born in Warsaw, Poland on March 25, 1977

1997-2002 - a student at "The Academy of Fine Arts" in Warsaw, Poland, majoring in painting

1998-2002 - working under the guidance of Professor Leon Tarasewicz

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