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Jakub Dvorský

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Jakub Dvorský

Jakub Dvorský (Amanita Design)
1978 born in Brno, Czech Republic.

In summer 2003 I finished The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague in the department of Graphics Design and Visual Communication led by prof. Jiri Barta.

Amanita Design portfolio: www.amanitadesign.com
e-mail: jamator@email.cz

© Jakub Dvorský

Interview With Jakub Dvorský

By Dorian Denes & Paweł 'Magnum' Piotrzkowski

Samorost was your thesis at VSUP. How were the reactions?

Reactions were inconsistent - older proffesors were confused because of an interactivity. Dissertations in our department are usually short animated films, so I was the first who created an interactive project. Younger ones were wondering how is it done and like it. Finally I got B .

What was your main inspiration?

Probably the nature - forest, old rotten stumps etc. along with some weed sometimes:)

Did you have any problems while working on the project?

I did some problems with the actionscript in the flash, I'm bad programmer, but I manage some basic commands...

Have you thought of making something bigger than that? Something with a nonlinear storyline? Maybe multiplayer?

Yes I plan to create next game which should be at least 3 times bigger. I don't know more yet.

Do you anyhow test if the puzzles are not too difficult - or too easy?

Sure it's needful, because i can't estimate how will people react if they're playing it for the first time. I was testing it on many different people - my parents, friends and some kids of different age - it was big fun.

What is most time consuming for you? Planning or the actual work on the computer?

Definitely work on computer.

Where do you get materials (and ideas) for toyr collages from? Do you search long for particular useful "species", or do you rather model it up in Photoshop.

I take photos myself by my digital camera in the woods and wherever. Then it's lot of work in photoshop to model what I want exactly.

Are games what you are into right now? Is it only a way of relaxation from the everyday job, or is there more to it?

I think some games could be very artistic - I expect and hope that some "art games" come in near future. Like in movie industry there is major part of commercial movies but also there are some art ones. We will see.

What games do you play? What kind do you like the most?

I don't play any games except some online flash games time to time. When I have free time I rather go out to see real world.

How was it working on "The Quest For The Rest" game that you did for the band The Polyphonic Spree?

It was nice work, because i was very free and the discussion with them was friendly and smooth.

Nikelab.com - did you have any criteria there?

Yes I had to use character of basketball player Vince Carter as rocketman with the shoes from Nike.

Your favourite animation...?

Czech animated serial "Pojďte, pane, budeme si hrát" by Břetislav Pojar. It's from 1967.

In the nearest future we should expect from you more animations or intriguing puzzles?

At this time I'm working on videoclip for danish band Under Byen, but next project should be flash game again.

Jakub Dvorský
Interviewed by Dorian Denes & Paweł 'Magnum' Piotrzkowski


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Jakub Dvorský

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